Through CTEM’s extensive collaborative partnerships, established provincially and nationally, it continues its focus on understanding the evolving mining industry skill requirements and facilitating innovative training development in urban, rural and remote regions of British Columbia.

CTEM provides leadership and oversight on key projects including the production of labour market studies and programs designed to train the local workforce.

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Understanding Industry Skill Requirements

With technological advancements in the mining life cycle, the skills needed to meet the current and future needs continue to evolve. Technical advancements include incorporating fully or semi-autonomous equipment which requires new skilling and projects continue to go through a digital transformation to improving productivity that require additional data analysis skills. CTEM plays a critical role with leading projects to create a better understanding of the industry skills required for the labour workforce to enter or transfer into mining careers.

Relevant projects focused on skills requirements include:

Facilitating Training Development

From understanding the skill requirements needed in the mining industry, CTEM leads and supports innovative training projects through forming collaborative partnerships between industry, training providers, Indigenous communities, and government. These partnerships are instrumental to recruit, train and retain the local workforce with a goal of meeting the regional skilled workforce demands in an economic region. Although labour needs are dependent on market conditions, the skills attained from being employed at an exploration site or mine are highly transferable to other  projects or sectors which continues to support families in communities. 

Relevant projects include: