Solutions for Increasing Diversity in Mining

Women, Indigenous peoples, and people in rural communities in mining

Women, Indigenous peoples, and people in rural communities will be able to access more opportunities if training and workforce barriers are addressed.

What’s Needed

  • More infrastructure, housing, childcare support, wellness, health and eldercare
  • Flexibility in work/life responsibilities
  • Increased training for driver’s licenses
  • Transportation to/from training or ensuring training occurs closer to the community
  • Hiring trainers from rural communities and with Indigenous backgrounds
  • Flexible regional, local, or community-based training
  • Elders as part of training development to support learners at all stages
  • Encouraging partnerships between training providers, Indigenous communities, local communities and industry
  • The opportunity to advance into more senior/specialized roles
  • Skills based training including cultural awareness, managing differences, human rights and anti-racism

Remove Barriers

Commit to a journey of cultural awareness

Cultural awareness training leads to

Developing a culture of safety and respect

Retention of workers and a workplace without discrimination, deserved by all

Increased understanding of how to be culturally aware

Downloadable Resources

CTEM Resources

There are many resources to explore to better understand the industry and the jobs that keep it operating safely.

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