CTEM implements projects that are strategic, collaborative, and specific. Its projects are supported by its partners with an overarching goal of addressing the training gaps identified from previous research completed.

Below are a highlight of current and past projects that continue to meet the training needs of the mining industry in British Columbia.

Skills Road Map Project

The purpose of the project is to help meet the mining sector’s future skills and training needs by developing an evidence-based, cohesive, forward-looking and responsive strategy for identifying in-demand skills and recommendations for enhanced mine sector training. It will provide an analysis of labour market information and develop skills, career, and training roadmaps.

The Skills Roadmap project evolved from the B.C. Mining Task Force recommendation to “support the development and implementation of a cohesive roadmap for enhanced mine sector training to meet the mining sector’s future skills and labour needs through a collaborative, inclusive, innovative and geographically-focused approach”. This project had over 120 partner representatives from across the province and is now completed with a final report.

Underground Miner Training Project

The purpose of the project is to pilot underground miner training at three different sites across British Columbia.

The underground miner occupation remains to be in high-demand across Canada. After completing the 2017 Mining Labour Market Outlook for B.C., it was determined the underground miner occupation did not have a standardized curriculum framework. As a result, CTEM collaborated with partners to develop site-specific curriculum and to support the launch of pilot projects in urban, rural, and remote locations. Partners include local Indigenous communities, Mining Industry of Human Resource (MiHR), training providers, and operating underground mines. Mine sites in BC have implemented the training and the success of the training model is being transferred to other jurisdictions internationally.

Past Projects

B.C.’s Mining Labour Market Outlook Report

The purpose of the project was to establish the current and forecasted labour market for BC’s mining industry (inclusive of exploration, development, and mining). The report consists of research, industry consultation, and validation of data. It addresses factors such as the impacts of an aging workforce, under-represented groups and training adaptability in the context of labour market demands.

B.C. Career Pathways Guidebook, Mining Careers

CTEM collaborated with partners across the province to highlight careers in the industry and the relevant training programs in British Columbia. The Guidebook is a resource available to job seekers, industry and training providers.

Collaborative Mining Technology Diploma and Degree

The purpose of the project was to establish a pathway to the second year of the BCIT Mineral Exploration and Mining Technology Diploma and the Mining and Mineral Resource Engineering Degree programs to allow participants to start the first year of training in their home communities through College of New Caledonia (CNC), Northwest Community College (NWCC), Thompson Rivers University (TRU), and Okanagan College (OC). CTEM played an instrumental role in determining the pathway allowing students from across BC to enter mining technology and engineering training.