The mining industry has 120 diverse careers from counting fish to computer programing to truck driving. Check out the resouces in this section to better understand the industry and the jobs that keep it operating safely.


Mineral exploration, mining and aggregates sectors will need upto 20,000 newly trained entrants by 2026.

NEW REPORT: Preparing for the Future: Mining Labour Market Outlook for British Columbia.

With mineral exploration remaining strong, new projects receiving permits and mines re-opening, new jobs are being created. This, compounded with our aging demographic, creates a demand for skilled talent that is reaching a critical need. The report identifies the challenges, risks and areas of opportunities.

Speakers Package

An overview presentation on the need for minerals, the sector, and the types of careers is provided below.  You are welcome to use it as is, edit it by removing or adding information, or enhance it with videos provided on the video page. 

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- Modern Mining in British Columbia Presentation 

- Modern Mining in British Columbia Speakers Notes