Mining is the recovery of minerals in the earth so that we can experience them. Mining impacts 0.05% of BC and provides the minerals that silently support our lives.


Mining job opportunities in British Columbia engineers, trades, heavy equipment operators, accountants, lawyers, millwrights, human resources professionals, investor relations, community engagement, environmental management, reclamation, mine safety engineers, etc. Working in the mining industry of British Columbia, you could have an office job, a job at a remote site, work in smaller communities throughout BC and earn an average salary of $115,700. You could decided to choose a job that allows you to travel, works shift work or the typical 9-5. Mining workforce is diversified and it is the largest employer of Aboriginal People in BC. The mining industry in British Columbia is viewed as a leader due to its safety record, keeping the sustainability of the environmental at the forefront of decision make at all stages of the cycle, and its care for the communities of BC.

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