Mineral Exploration & Development

Mineral exploration is the discovery of minerals. It involves locating a mineral deposit, sampling the deposit and determining if it can be safely & economically mined.

Mineral Exploration & Development

BC has established itself as a centre of excellence in mineral exploration and development. Numerous exploration and service companies are based in Vancouver and exploring responsibly is very important to the industry.  Demonstrating environmental stewardship and social responsibility are key factors in the success of mineral explroation and developent projects.  As world leaders, we engage and inform communities about mineral projects in a cooperative, accountable and transparent manner.  Mineral exploration and development is both an opportunity and a responsibility, shared by the mineral industry and society at large.

Working in BC’s mineral exploration and development industry, one could work in an office in the city or at an exploration camp in the wilderness, with state of the art technology, or, exploring with minimal resources.  The sector attracts people with adventurous and inquisitive personalities who enjoy the outdoors, are entrepreneurial and have an optimistic outlook. Unlinke mining, that is operations orientated, mineral exploration development activities are generally research and development oriented.  

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