Canadian Mining Certification Program

Canadian Mining Certification Program


The Canadian Mining Certification Program (CMCP) is the first – and only – national mining worker certification program of its kind in Canada. It is the industry-standard for validating the skills, knowledge, and experience of workers in the mining sector.

The CMCP helps employers improve productivity by turning their investments in training into measurable assets, and identifies top employers as leaders committed to the highest industry standards of safety.

It is a means to increase employee satisfaction and retention by formally recognizing and celebrating their hard-earned skills. It is all part of MiHR’s efforts to increase pride in, and respect for, the mining occupations and industry.

National Occupational Standards are the foundation of the CMCP. They establish clear, objective skills and knowledge benchmarks – and form the basis for workforce development, driving curriculum development within educational institutes, and the alignment of company training programs. There are currently standards available for Diamond Drillers, Frontline Workers, Hoist Operators, Industry Trainers, Mineral Processing Operators, Surface Miner Supervisors and Underground Miners.

A number of sites throughout BC have implemented CMCP to provide assessment and recognition.

BC Designated Sites

The sites in BC that have implemented the Canadian Mining Certification Program, and the occupations they have certified are listed below.

    -  Highland Valley Copper - Minerals Processing Operator

    -  New Afton - Underground Miner

    -  Huckleberry Mine (closed) - Surface Mine

    -  Kemess Mine (closed) - Surface Miner

    -  Greenhills (closed) - Minerals Processing Operator


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Underground Miner - Review

Research in 2013 evaluated underground miner training available in British Columiba. The findings led to the development of specific recommendations for training and skills development programs in BC that support underground miner occupations and are provided below.

British Columbia Underground Miner Occupational Analysis and Skills Development Report

British Columbia Underground Miner Occupational Analysis and Skills Development Recommendations